ModaLisboa Vision Day 2.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Second round. Today I leave you with the photos that I like the most from the designers on day 2 of ModaLisboa Vision. Personally, I absolutely loved SayMyName! Fun, functional for everyday life and of course with my favorite colors.

Segunda ronda. Hoje deixo-vos com as fotografias que eu mais gosto de cada estilista do segundo dia da ModaLisboa Vision. Pessoalmente, a que mais gostei foi SayMyName! Muito divertida, completamente usável no quotidiano e claro com a minha palete de cores favorita. 

Lidija Kolovrat

Luis Buchinho

Luis Carvalho

Nuno Baltazar

Ricardo Preto


Source: Thanks to Vogue Portugal 

Love, Inês

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5 comentários

  1. great photos and nice post! very inspirational haha
    and if you're interested to follow each other, let me know!


  2. These collections are so cool!!! Love so so much the shoes of the first one!

  3. Oh wow, the designer is very promising! I am now following you on Google Friend Connect. I hope you could visit my blog and follow me too. Thanks :)

  4. Nice!!


  5. o buchinho nunca me desilude :) também gostei do nuno baltazar